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    2020-09-13 18:50




    Mr. Wang is my PE teacher. He is very tall and strong. He’s a bit fat. His skin is swarthy, but it looks healthy. He has a round face. There are two big eyes on his face. He always wears a pair of glasses. I think Mr. Wang is very handsome.

    Our PE lessons are very interesting, because Mr. Wang is very humor. He always plays games with us. Sometimes he makes jokes with us. We feel very happy in PE lessons. We all like Mr. Wang.


    Teacher a very great jod。I want to be a teacher too。

    Our English Teacher is a beautiful woman。 She is very kind to our。In the school, she always let us memorize the much too words and grammer。I even hate our English teacher It makes me feel English is very boring!I have no tiam to do something I like。But on last end-of-year's exam,I got a really good grade。

    Now I know teachers is really good for us!Finally I want to say:"thank you teachers !"


    My name is Li BaoLing . I have a good friend . Her name is Chen ZiQing . I am 13 years old . She is as old as me. I am 155cm tall. She is 150cm tall . She is 5cm shorter than me . I am 36kg . She is 37kg . She is heavier than me .She often does homework with me .We always help each other. I am happy to have a good firend .

    he is
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